How to Fold Men's Underwear?

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If you have a drawer full of underwear that needs to be arranged, or you have found a newfound interest in sorting your things, or even if you want to give up your home-man attitude and become more ‘poised’ you must begin with knowing how to fold men’s underwear ;) 

All of us have been through it once! Creating a ball out of our private stuff and believing that we can find what we search even if it looks chaotic to others. The truth is, we need to sort things out for our peace of mind!

Here are some simple ways to fold and organize men’s underwear.

Why is folding men’s underwear any different? Home organization is a skill, and just as there is a way to do everything, folding men’s underwear is also special.

The way you fold briefs must be able to tell you whether it is a boxer, or brief. Similarly, there can be some flat folding ways to save space, or you can just use all the storage for a comfortable search when you need a pair.

Follow the step by step guide and you'll be opening your drawers again and again to marvel at your work!

1. Smooth your boxer shorts out You can lay out your boxers on a flat surface to make sure there are no ruffles at the center. Run your hands over it once to ensure the elastic is not twisted.

2. Fold in from the left, Now take the left end of the boxer and fold it over to the middle. Make sure that you do it in a way that there is an equal right side beyond the overlap.

3. Repeat with the right side: You can repeat the fold from the right end so that you have a three-layer rectangular piece in front of you.

4. Now it is going to be a downward fold: Bring the elastic end to meet the middle section, keeping an equal amount beyond the overlap.

5. Bring in the lower part to form a small square and now turn it over Voila!

You can see the front of the boxer, and it is folded up nice and snug so it will not take up a lot of space or open up too quickly.

This method is good for modal boxer briefs as they are almost a rectangular shape when you lay them out.

Another way to fold your underwear: If you are comfortable with a method that does not have eight folds, here’s a quicker method for you.

1: Flatten out the underwear on a table with the front facing you. Take one end of the elastic and bring it up to overlap till two-thirds of the garment. Now fold the other side over this one.

2: Bring the elastic down to the end to fold the underwear lengthwise. This method has a fold less, however, it is a quick way to tidy up your drawer and put away all your stuff the day you return from the laundry.


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