Our Underwear

Softest. Underwear. Ever

Don’t believe us,
feel it for yourself

Perfection is our pursuit. Ethically sourced and morally applied, our European Micro Modal fabric is as soft as whipped cream on your banana split. The only better way to describe it would be ‘air’, but you get the drift.

Applied Design

Thus spoke the artist

Our philosophy is simple - by working with artists who are way more talented than us, our boxer briefs become a world of art that gives birth to itself. We probably stole some of that from someone way smarter than any of us, don’t judge.

Something for You

bunch of humans

Take a deep breath. Most companies try to appeal to groups, treating you all like sheep, or worse, branding you like cattle. We have a radically different approach - appeal to you, you know, the individual. Crazy concept, we know, but someone’s gotta do it. This is precisely why we use your feedback to constantly improve and evolve our briefs.