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Full-color prints make for better designs every time. Our unique printing process allows for more color, detail, and higher print resolution. Our customers voted us best men's boxer briefs for a reason.

most comfortable boxer briefs

nothing at all

Made from premium Micro Modal, an extremely luxurious fabric. Cool to the touch, absorbent and similar in texture to Silk or Cotton. Sustainably-sourced from beechwood trees and 3X softer than cotton. Our micromodal underwear feels like wearing nothing at all.

flamingo boxer briefs

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As someone famous once said - “Admire, but don’t look too long and buy 3 of everything that you really like.”

boxer briefs 3-pack

Micro-modal boxer briefs are hands down the most popular underwear style as they give you the best of both boxers and briefs. Unlike boxers, however, they won't bunch up under a pair of pants or jeans and won't ride up your legs. They're also not as tight as briefs and give your boys the full support they need while being breathable and moisture-absorbing.

Unless you are hiking in a hot climate or exercising intensely, you don’t want sweat trapped in your underwear. You want your underwear to be breathable and moisture-wicking. Underwear made from natural fabrics like Cotton, Bamboo or Micro-modal is more breathable than underwear made from synthetic fabrics.

Moisture-wicking boxer briefs fabric pull moisture away from the body so that it can evaporate. This helps keep your body cool and dry. Breathable fabrics allow air to pass through freely such that any moisture produced by your body evaporates faster. Micro-modal is the best underwear fabric because it is both moisture-wicking and breathable.

It has exceptional temperature-regulating properties so you can be comfortable in any weather. Because of its super soft, silk-like texture, it is ideal for underwear, loungewear, and any clothing close to the skin. This is why we use Micro-modal for all of our Bunch of Animals underwear.

All of our Bunch of Animals boxer briefs are made from Micro-modal, do not ride up, and offer plenty of support. Our boxer briefs don't shrink in the wash and our prints don't fade, for a long lasting boxer brief that will make you the best dressed man in any bedroom.