Maybe the word "obsessed" is a bit over the top, but then again, our founder has never been one to shy away from throwing himself headlong into a bloat of hippos so it's no surprise he brings the same passion to Bunch of Animals. His quest for the perfect pair has been quite the journey, taking him around the world, seeking out the softest, most comfortable pair of undies to ever touch your tender tush.

But super-soft skivvies aren't the only goal of Bunch of Animals - no siree Bob (or John or Connor). We're on a mission to banish the boring, be they briefs, boxers or that happy hybrid of boxer briefs. Each month, we unveil new, visually stunning designs to brighten up your intimate wardrobe, created by talented artists the world over. Just because your outerwear may be a grey double-breasted suit doesn't mean you can't have a wild Bunch of Animals in your pants. Never-ending board meetings are a bit easier to endure when you're sporting our 420 calzones under the Hugo Boss.

Bunch of Animals is truly a global company, with our headquarters in Toronto, production in Turkey and designers from all over the map, working together to reach the same goal of being the leader of the pack in the underwear world.