Our Story



I’m Krystian, first employee of Bunch of Animals.

2014. Evolutionary crisis. I’ll never forget the first reaction I got in the bedroom after wearing a pair of premium briefs. Fact is, I was in need of any confidence boost I could get — who knew that being told you're packing megafauna could make you feel so good? 

The compliments didn’t stop, and I wanted more.


How good were those compliments? Good enough to get the wild idea to create a new underwear brand! 

However, I quickly realized that I was in way over my pecker.

I needed manufacturers, artists, marketers, and even content writers. Investors were nowhere to be found. The emperor penguin had no underwear, and even less hope. What began as a vision seemed more and more like a hallucination.

Regardless, as much as I’d love for this to be an about me section, it’s an about us type of thing.

Crushing into a fine powder

Chimps and Typewriters

At first, we didn’t have the ingredients or the recipe. Pretty sure we didn’t even have a working stove or the ability to make fire. However, as true believers in the Infinite Monkey Theorem, we knew that at some point we’d hit enough of the right keys.

Perhaps we were being delusional? Perhaps not. Forget the grind, the idea was to crush.


Trust me, I felt like giving up more times than I care to admit - the only things being ‘crushed’ were my balls and my ego. Luckily, there was always someone willing to help.

Everyone at one point or another stepped up, from my studs in Turkey to my stallions in Toronto. I’m forever grateful to each and every sexy beast who kept this banana boat afloat.

In order to create the softest, most comfortable kick-ass briefs I was going to need the whole bunch.



We love cheesy puns, but not cheesy balls. Our boxer briefs not only needed to be wearable artworks, but also comfortable and breathable.

They needed to last while being washing machine safe, made with fabric that wouldn’t pill, and ink that wouldn’t fade. We sourced the softest and finest Micro Modal we could find.


Behaviour performedwith experience

Someone once said - “Admire, but don’t look too long”. It’s a constant process. Details need to be ironed out, tough nuts need to be cracked. However, while you’re reading this, we’re making the world’s best boxer briefs while constantly evolving - after all, we’re Bunch of Animals.