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Lighter than air
Naturally Breathable
Micro Modal
Moisture wicking with quick dry
Quick Drying
and Sweat Wicking
breathable modal fabric
Like Touching
a Cloud
lucky underwear
You're About
to Get Lucky

Than Air

Feel the freedom of wearing nothing at all with our luxurious Micro Modal fabric. They are breathable, moisture-wicking, ultra-soft, and eco-friendly too! You'll love how they feel against your skin - they will never rub you the wrong way.


The Best Pair
of Underwear

We've thought of everything, from a form-fitting design that won't constrict your body to the classic no-roll waistband. We know you don't want embarrassing moments when bending over or sitting down and our boxer briefs have got you covered!


Softer than soft
boxer briefs

Staying fresh and ready has never been easier. Meet the boxer briefs that are 3X softer than cotton, 50% more moisture absorbent than a traditional pair of underwear, and more breathable! You get the drift.


The fit is great!

- Robert r.

I bought these for my husband but keep stealing them. They are soooooo soft.

- Marie k.

I can't believe how soft this fabric is. You won't believe until you touch for yourself.

- Jorge a.

OMG, I LOVE these..... Thank you so much... Did I order any more? I want more... :)

- Greg b.

Very fast shipping. Still getting used to how soft they are. Sometimes I forget I'm wearing them.

- John d.

My boyfriend loves his. They are so soft I want to steal them.

- Amanda c.

Great designs. Super comfortable. Wish there were more prints.

- Mike f.

I'm hooked. My boyfriend absolutely loves them. Very sexy.

- Nick w.

It feels like wearing air. High altitude air.

- Peter s.

Sorry, no other phrase fits than...HOLY SH*T! What an incredible product, design and packaging. My order arrived, on-time, as unreasonably needed and I could not be more impressed.

- Mike e.

I'm all about that 420 print but hot damn are these soft.

- Adrian s.

I suppose it's TMI, but I have them on today! Fun.

- Ronal f.

They make me feel very sexy. Have been complimented a few times already.

- Tim m.

Bought for my husband. He absolutely loves them. He's always modelling them haha.

- Claire m.

The designs are like no other. I feel like the most unique guy in the room...and noone knows it.

- Tim c.

Like Ned Flanders would say, it feels like I'm wearing nothing at all.

- Robert v.

Feels so good and comfy.

- Mark h.
happy customer

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try BOA underwear risk-free for 90 days. If you're not 100% satisfied with your first pair of our boxer briefs, we'll refund you in full.

Modal underwear is a great alternative to traditional cotton boxer briefs. It's breathable and breezy so it won't make you overheat on hot summer nights, but still provides excellent coverage for those sensitive areas of your body when needed the most!

Modal is a fabric created from plant cellulose that makes it lightweight, durable and more absorbent than cotton. It's perfect for people who like to work out or do yoga because of its moisture-wicking properties which keep you cool even while sweating plus the fact that Modal doesn't hold any odors making it good for those with sensitive skin too!

The tight weaves of Modal make it an excellent choice for underwear, as they are strong and durable. The material is often found in boxer briefs because the weave holds up very well through regular wear and washings.

When it comes to underwear, you want something that lasts for a long time. You don't want your briefs or boxers stretching out and ruining the fit- which is where our boxer briefs are perfect! They have a tight knit so they won't stretch over time as cotton does; plus, their sturdy fabric will last longer than other fabrics because of its resistance against wear and tear

Some of the best fabrics you can get for underwear are made from Micro Modal. It is extremely soft to the touch which means it has a "cloud-like" feel while also being durable enough for daily wear.

Modal is an innovative fabric that has been engineered to be more sustainable than any other material. The production process of Modal underwear contains significantly fewer harmful chemicals and the material itself breaks down in just six months when thrown away!

Modal is a type of fiber that has been used for centuries to create the most comfortable and long-lasting undergarments. Unlike other natural fabrics such as cotton or rayon, modal doesn't shrink in the wash because of its tight weave and longer fibers. This means you'll be able to enjoy some well-fitting boxer briefs for a very long time!

The wash test is a testament to the durability and long-lasting quality of our boxer briefs. The fabric doesn't fade or bleed even after multiple washes, and colors remain vibrant for the life of this underwear.

Modal is a great fabric to wear for many reasons. It makes fitting in clothes so much easier and it feels like you're wearing nothing at all but still have full coverage. The material will not irritate your skin or cause any chafing which can be very uncomfortable, especially during warm summer days when sweat starts to creep in!

Modal is sometimes described as "silk on your skin" and that's because it feels like a luxurious material without the stiffness. Modal fibers also help regulate body temperature, so you'll always be cool when its hot outside or warm during colder months!