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The softest underwear I've ever worn and it felt like wearing nothing at all. LOVE the print!

- Scott r.

The absolute best underwear I've worn/owned in my life. I've replaced all of my old boxers with BOA.

- Jeffrey r.

Sorry, no other phrase fits than...HOLY SH*T! What an incredible product, design and packaging. My order arrived, on-time, as unreasonably needed and I could not be more impressed.

- Marci v.

Like a spa day for your nuts is what they claimed to be. Like a spa day for your nuts is what they delivered.

- Bill a.

The Flamingo Brief is great... very comfortable. Worth the wait. Will order others.

- Bruce c.

I can't believe how soft this fabric is. You won't believe until you touch for yourself.

- Jorge a.

Undies are sick. Like nothing on.

- Martin e.

I bought these for my husband but keep stealing them. They are soooooo soft.

- Marie k.

Most comfortable underwear I've ever had on.

- John p.

OMG, I LOVE these..... Thank you so much... Did I order any more? I want more... :)

- Greg b.

Very fast shipping. Still getting used to how soft they are. Sometimes I forget I'm wearing underwear.

- John d.

My boyfriend loves his. They are so soft I want to steal them.

- Amanda c.

Great designs. Super comfortable. Wish there were more prints.

- Mike f.

I'm hooked. My boyfriend absolutely loves them. Very sexy.

- Nick w.

It feels like wearing air. High altitude air.

- Peter s.

The fit is great.

- Jonathan r.

I'm all about that 420 print but hot damn are these soft.

- Adrian s.

Holy crap, this underwear is so soft.

- Leonard c.

I suppose it's TMI, but I have them on today! Fun.

- Ronal f.

They make me feel very sexy. Have been complimented a few times already.

- Tim m.

I got the 4/20 briefs this weekend. They're very comfortable

- Stuart a.

Most comfortable underwear I've ever had on.

- Joe p.

Bought for my husband. He absolutely loves them. He's always modelling them haha.

- Claire m.

The designs are like no other. I feel like the most unique guy in the room...and noone knows it.

- Tim c.

Like Ned Flanders would say, it feels like I'm wearing nothing at all.

- Robert v.

The underwear is very comfortable. Very surprised at how soft the fabric is.

- Joel c.

Feels so good and comfy.

- Mark h.

meets loungewear

Imagine the softest you've ever felt. Now even softer. That's what our undies feel like. Beyond comfortable, unique in design, luxurious in feel.

Perfect for yoga, booty camp or that zoom class, and who are we kidding, it's all happening from your living room.


Like wearing nothing at all

Made from premium Micro Modal, an extremely luxurious fabric. Cool to the touch, absorbent and similar in texture to Silk or Cotton. Sustainably-sourced from beechwood trees and 3X softer than cotton.

Smile Boxer Briefs

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try BOA underwear risk-free for 90 days. If you're not 100% satisfied with your first pair of our boxer briefs, we'll refund you in full.

We may be a Bunch of Animals but our underwear are softer than a fluffy kitten, thanks to MicroModal which is 3x softer than cotton

MicroModal is 50% more breathable than cotton

Unlike synthetic fabrics such as rayon or polyester, MicroModal doesn't trap sweat or odors

Literally! MicroModal doesn't trap in body heat (no more sweaty coconuts)

MicroModal is made from beech, a sustainably-harvested tree

Our products are long-lasting, hard-wearing and color-fast.

Thanks to a touch of Elastane, our undies keep their size (even if your name is George Costanza)

Bunch of Animals' unique printing process ensures a seamless design in vibrant colors

Every month, we introduce new designs, curated from artists worldwide

Ultra-soft and flexible make them uber-comfy

A portion of every purchase supports local charities

We recommend sizing up if you prefer a looser fit or if you are in between sizes.

Size S M L XL 2XL
Waist 26-29" 30-33" 34-37" 38-41" 42-45"

We may be a Bunch of Animals but our underwear are softer than a fluffy kitten, thanks to luxurious MicroModal which is 3X softer than cotton. 92% MicroModal and 8% Elastane for a fluid feeling on the body.