5 Underwear Questions People Are Too Embarrassed to Ask

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Just like many taboo topics surrounding feminine accessories and undergarments, men have some embarrassing issues too!

No, this is not a high-five situation for us all because we hardly feel comfortable talking about any of these problems. Bras, toilet napkins, and even pads can be some of the female issues that are discussed in whispers only, but there are many questions regarding underwear that men hesitate to ask.

So here, we put them all together for you so that the answers can be helpful in improving your hygiene and the look of your brief drawer. We seriously hope you can sense the whisper tone here! 

Five Questions About Underwear That Are Too Embarrassing To Ask

Now sit up and start taking notes; there is definitely something that you have wondered about for a long. 

• How Many Days Can You Wear the Same Underwear?

The short and sweet answer to this question is only one! You should not repeat the underwear unwashed; if you continue wearing the same one, it can cause some problems.

Even if you keep yourself from peeing in the pants, the body gives off a lot of toxins through sweat and when absorbed in the underwear fabric.

Moreover, the dead sperm cells and skin cells can also be a menace. Do not repeat or continue wearing the same underwear so that you stay clean down there and safe from any infection. 

• What Makes Me Itch So Much?

It isn’t just a wedgie; sometimes, you itch because the bacteria in the fabric begin to work against the skin, and the slight sensation can be disturbing. Not only is it embarrassing to itch down there in public, but it can be so overwhelming that you can hardly think of anything else!

When you decide to attend it, it can get even worse, and you will have to undress and give your skin a good scratch to get over it. 

The itching is also due to ill-fitted underwear. If you are wearing a smaller one, it will cut into your skin. However, if you are wearing a loose one, it comes with its problems.

There are many ways in which loose-fit underwear will also cause an itch, so remember to pick the perfect underwear size. It will not take more than a minute to read the measurements on the tag. Also, don’t forget you need the right underwear style to remain comfortable.

• Which Fabric Will be Good?

Another reason for itches and rashes is the fabric. Sportswear and Lycra wear will give you an itch as the cloth is polyester and not absorbent. Moreover, cotton sportswear and cotton underwear will be fine.

Do not rely on synthetic material underwear for longer periods because the body keeps perspiring, and any moisture excretion from the skin can result in an uncomfortable rash.

On the contrary, cotton fabric is best because it is soft and feels comfortable against the skin. You can also look for cool keep underwear to avoid all these problems.

• How About Reversing Sides and Repeating the Underwear?

Many men think changing sides and repeating the same underwear is fine, but we can’t understand how that is even considered acceptable. A single fabric, whether used from one side or the other, will absorb sweat, and all kinds of dead cells will be on the surface.

Changing sides and reusing underwear is not an option at all. It might have been some locker room secret or camping secret, but we will never recommend this to anyone. 

• When Should I Throw Away My Underwear?

With time underwear can become so comfortable that many men find it hard to bid farewell. If you want comfort, look for a proper size but discard underwear after three months.

Some people follow the physical damage such as rips, tears, and loose elastic to throw away the underwear. However, the hygienic mark is that if your underwear has been washed 20 times, it is time to buy new, comfortable underwear!

Last Words

Underwear-related questions can be quite embarrassing, and it becomes worse, keeping in mind that guys do not like to talk!

We found the most frequent questions that come to mind, but nobody asks. Get to know all about underwear, and it will set many of your confusions straight for good. 

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