8 Important Underwear Hygiene Tips For Men

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Underwear hygiene is one of the primary things that need to be in check for everyone. If you don’t worry about this, you will soon have some medical bills, and of course, a dent in your social life will also be a possibility!

Who wants to hear that their friend got a rash because of the underwear! Apart from rashes, some very unpleasant things can happen if you are not clean.

Old, unclean, and unwashed underwear can be a bigger problem than you think. We all have heard jokes about changing sides or wearing the same underwear for days.

However, the truth is that if you are not clean, you are in for some unpleasant outcomes that can ruin your personal and social life, and you might even get a nickname from people around you.

Tips to keep your undies clean

Always remember the following points to keep your underwear clean and fresh. These tips are not at all time-consuming, and they will not even require a lot of time. Just read on, and you can thank us later:

1.   Wash your underwear after single use:

Wash them out with water and detergent. We don’t mean rinses! The underwear must go to the laundry after a single use, even if it is for two hours. Often gym goers take a shower, go to the gym, change their workout clothes, and shower after a workout.

What do you do after the second shower? Do you wear the same underwear you wore when you came to the gym? If yes, imagine our eww face, and if you change again, here’s a round of applause for you.

2.   Dry immediately:

Whenever you wash your underwear, remember to dry them immediately. Even when out of the drier, it is best to hang them out to soak some sun.

Why? Because your organs absorb Vitamin D, and the rest of the story is a good one! We need to ensure that our undergarments are clean, crisp, and dry so that there are no bacteria lurking in the moist seams or stitches.

3.    Pick the right fabric:

If you are out for a run or have formal trousers, make sure you use the right fabric for the occasion when selecting underwear. Any elastic material might seem sporty, but it cannot absorb sweat while running. You may get rashes and chaffed skin, or if it gets worse, you can get burns from inflammation on the skin.

Similarly, a dry cotton fit for formal or office wear is comfortable and prevents any moisture from welcoming bacteria.

Men must know that bacteria from the rash or skin chaffing can stay on the skin, and if given a tiny chance by wearing wet underwear or a dirty one, the bacteria can multiply within minutes. If you got a rash after three hours of sweating in your underwear the first time, your second bout would begin within half an hour.

4.   Wear the right size:

Only because you are small does not mean that you wear small underwear. A medium would suffice so there is enough room for air and free movement. Tight underwear can slow down circulation and may even cause erectile dysfunction.

On the contrary, wearing very big shorts or boxers can mean no support, and it can wedge up so that it will be embarrassing for you to correct it in public. Your selection of the underwear style also impacts, so be wary of that too.

5.   Underwear has to be the highest quality fabric:

Who cares what the underwear looks or feels like? Focus on the clothes. This phenomenon is the worst one to follow. If you think you are saving money or putting up a better image if you only concentrate on the visible garments, you have an unadventurous love life!

However, the bigger problem is that you can suffer serious bacteria build-up or rashes if the fabric is not high quality. Using polyester and nylon have poor breathability. You would benefit from breathable cotton and a comfortable fit that will not look bad and feel awesome. So, selecting the right fabric quality for the underwear is important.

6.   Boxers or briefs?

This question might seem like a far throw from what we are discussing, but actually, it is just the root. If you select a tight, body-hugging brief, the possibility of getting a rash or sweat build-up or even bacteria multiplying due to dead sperm cells.

Boxers are better because they are not tight and do not touch the inside of the legs like briefs do. Moreover, the little loose space will give you a more relaxed feeling and a much better fit that will not encourage bacteria growth. So, boxers or briefs?

7.   Throw old underwear:

There’s no need to give material things like underwear any sentimental value! Better to throw out the old boys when they have seen a good year. Set an expiration date of a maximum of one year for undergarments.

This will save you a lot of hassle and promote a good wardrobe collection! The biggest advantage of doing this is that you will not wear underwear with dormant bacteria or worn-out elastic. The hold will be good every time, and the fabric will be fresh.

8.   Polish up your habits:

It is natural for all men to dribble a little and ignore it. This habit, or shall we say lack of control, is so common. However, commonality does not make it acceptable. Try to come out of the restroom dry and clean, so there is no starting timer set for bacteria to grow. Moreover, the dry fabric can never smell. Skin infections may be a temporary problem, but you consider the long-term danger of putting your manhood at risk is huge.

Be sure to get everything out and then dried so that you can enjoy every bit of the time that is outside the underwear without fearing any lack of performance or even a bad event in the way of it!

In a nutshell

Underwear hygiene might seem challenging to some, but it is actually an easy task. Men should ensure that their undergarments are as high quality as the rest of their wardrobes. A simple and easy fit and an excellent cleaning routine can keep you out of an uncomfortable position!

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