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When it comes to finding the best men’s underwear, comfort, style, and sustainability are key factors to consider. At Bunch of Animals, we’ve perfected the art of creating underwear that checks all these boxes.

Underwear hygiene is one of the primary things that need to be in check for everyone. If you don’t worry about this, you will soon have some medica...

Just like many taboo topics surrounding feminine accessories and undergarments, men have some embarrassing issues too! No, this is not a high-five ...

Finding the perfect underwear is hard. Yes, super hard. You got to find something that is comfortable but also looks good. It's like finding a nee...

If you have a drawer full of underwear that needs to be arranged, or you have found a newfound interest in sorting your things, or even if you want to give up your home-man attitude and become more ‘poised’ you must begin with knowing how to fold men’s underwear ;) 

Here are the top 10 most comfortable men's underwear brands that will turn your Johnson into Juan. That’s Don Juan. OR maybe it’s Don Johnson. Whatever strokes your banana. One thing’s for sure. You’ll be the best dressed in any bedroom.

Look. If you’re looking for some magical pill or secret technique that’s going to teleport you back into your 20s, you won’t find that here. Or anywhere, for that matter. As boring as this is going to sound, what you need is to lay down a solid foundation for a healthy mind, body and soul.

Popular media and age-old “wisdom” might have you believe that men are supposed to get up and get going at a moment’s notice. 

Can you smell that? If you’ve been busting your ass out in the summer heat, you can bet your bottom anyone within a few feet can tell. We’re talking about sweaty balls, people.