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Here are the top 10 most comfortable men's underwear brands that will turn your Johnson into Juan. That’s Don Juan. OR maybe it’s Don Johnson. Whatever strokes your banana. One thing’s for sure. You’ll be the best dressed in any bedroom.

Look. If you’re looking for some magical pill or secret technique that’s going to teleport you back into your 20s, you won’t find that here. Or anywhere, for that matter. As boring as this is going to sound, what you need is to lay down a solid foundation for a healthy mind, body and soul.

Popular media and age-old “wisdom” might have you believe that men are supposed to get up and get going at a moment’s notice. 

Can you smell that? If you’ve been busting your ass out in the summer heat, you can bet your bottom anyone within a few feet can tell. We’re talking about sweaty balls, people. 

It took many centuries before underwear looked anything like the pairs we’ve come to cherish today. There were loin cloths, tight breeches and single-piece union suits, with many other variations along the way. But all that changed when we realized underwear can be more than just a piece of cloth to cover up our jewels.

Ask anyone who’s been in a relationship long enough and they’ll tell you how real sex ruts can be. If both of you feel a little “meh” about your sex life, that’s a pretty good sign that you’re in one yourself.

Let's be honest. Few sights are more scathing than walking in on your parents doing the devil’s dance. But maybe you're blessed with the fortune of a jackpot winner and never had to suffer through an accident like that.

We get it. Your cherished undies are like a big smile, they raise both your spirits and your cheeks. Through thick and thin, your trusty comrades always had your back. But perhaps it’s time to let go and kill your darlings once and for all. 

Here’s some food for thought. You wear your underwear more than any other piece of clothing. In fact, keeping underwear for up to 7 years is the average.